On the lake in Port Washington WI they have Fish Day as an excuse to eat lots of fish and get lots of drunk.... but they also have a parade and a car show and stuff.

First up, some parade cars & trucks

Thankfully no crowds were harmed
Just Raptor Things

After sitting in the sun close to the curb, I climbed the retaining wall behind me for a better vantage.... but it had an obstructed view to the left

Straight ahead wasn’t too bad though

Standing on the retaining wall offered an even BETTER view

Not sure what the deal is with the Corvette Club’s penchant for hand puppets...

Or large gloves


There were actually TWO Corvette Clubs. The county, and a local city chapter. But why?

We didn’t stay for the whole parade because our daughters were in it, we left after they danced by and picked them up and headed to the car show. I didn’t take a LOT of pics, just interesting ( to me ) ones.

Who restores an Esprit when there’s so many Trans Ams and Formulas to choose from?

Found the ZR-1 from the parade