I spent all weekend getting sunburnt and photobombing things with my LeMons team mascot, and all I have to show for it is a bunch of awesome pictures. Enjoy.

(Fair warning: it's a ton of pictures. This post makes me wish Google Fiber would hurry up and get here.)

Spot the Puffalump!

Who needs a GT3 Cup car? This woman. This woman writing this post right here.

Best. Golf cart. Ever.

"I raced a Volkswagen, too!"

So, my friend Brianne Corn (this one) was supposed to race an MX-5, only we found out the weekend before the race that the car wouldn't be ready in time. Hopefully, the car will be ready for Lime Rock, but that would mean that her debut wouldn't be here. Austin. The only F1-spec race circuit that's a short drive from home. That wouldn't do.

After much calling and last-minute scrambling, James Wilson of Texas Rallysport fame offered up his minimally-prepped B-Spec Mazda2. Because this is a car that James often daily drives, it has many of the creature comforts still left in like cup holders, air conditioning, carpeting, and the like—only the car has no backseat and a roll cage.

Naturally, this led to Brianne getting caught in the pits with the air conditioner running.

"Ma'am, you have a pretty persistent leak."

"Oh, that's just the air conditioner!"

There are Fluffy stickers, too. Tee hee hee hee hee. I tried convincing a couple V8 Supercar teams to add a bunny, but most of them asked me if I had any money to go with Ms. Bunny. Right answer, but that's a bit out of my "I am a moron and I just bought a 944 to race" budget. Fluffy will have to keep riding on B-Spec cars, then.

One other epic goal in life was achieved, though: GRID DUDES! Yep, Glen was a flag girl, and the universe is more awesome accordingly.

Because racetrack, I wandered around all weekend photographing all the things. C'mon, where else is there this much cool stuff in one place?

This fellow must have been really popular with half the people here, and genuinely hated by the other half. Hehe.


World's greatest pizza stand.

Absolutely beautiful.

K-Pax Volvo guts.

The Erebus team owner's hair matches Fluffy Bunny! (Also, photobomb.) I think Betty won me over—any team cool enough to invite n00bs to the sport to learn from them (and whose owner will pose for a Puffalump photo-op) is fine with me. So, uh, go Mercs? Heh.

That doesn't look like procrastination. Must be crunch time.

Frosty—no relation to a snowman.


Yay, I'm not the only person with a stuffed animal!

My new LeMons/Chump ride came labelled as "Pferd" - Porsche Front Engine, Rear Drive. This car needs to win all the things. (Spoiler: it didn't. But it should've.)

Custom wheels just for the V8s.

That's not gone well.

Problem solved!

Now that's what we came to see!

(Well, besides that whole "let's-put-together-a-team-in-a-week" thing. YUMPS!)

That massive bump at turn 11 on the short course makes me want to run the short course. Haha.

That's a heck of a dingleberry.

I used to have an Altima, and I hated it. It was always broken. It ate head gaskets and money like a fat kid eats cake. Even though this was a fake-Altima that only exists in Supercars, seeing them being driven like the driver wants to kill 'em made my week.

If you've ever wanted to see the underside of a car, hang out at the esses during the Supercars race.

...or at T11. PFLYING PFERD!

The epic want is strong in this picture. Very, very strong.

Let's be honest, though, I'd settle for a B-Spec car. They're so darn cute, haha.




I don't think words can describe how much I want the solid red GT3 Cup car. It's beeeeeeeautiful.

I love 911s. I really, really do.

This was the most awesome wrap I've ever seen on a Porsche...or anything, for that matter.

Sharks on Porsches seemed to be a thing this weekend.

Inside the SLS. Carbon fiber ALL THE THINGS!

Yeah, yeah. I like 911s.

The universe needs more silly hats—fact.


A top ten finish in a car with air conditioning? Bunny approves!

...and then we blame Fluffy for the damage. (Just kidding.)