For $75,525, it's not the car you need, but the car you deserve (BIG UPDATE)

Some crazy person in Skåne, Sweden has acquired the goddamn Batmobile and now wants to sell it. The ad doesn't say much, but here it is translated by yours truly:

SUPER AUTO one can use for exhibitions/car shows, events, Party, for ads. [I'll] gladly take your car in exchange/trade. For example, Audi, Volkswagen, Bmw

From that we can gather from that ad the seller probably worked at Mitsubishi in the 80s, likes to Party with a capital P, wants a German car and does not know how to properly capitalize acronyms. There's no mention of what car was sacrificed in order to create this monstrosity, or if that turbine is real, so we can only assume that this is in fact the real Batmobile, and that owning it makes you the goddamn Batman.

For $75,525, it's not the car you need, but the car you deserve (BIG UPDATE)


More pictures and Swedish can be found in the ad on

UPDATE: This got posted to the front page and now the ad is gone! Blimey, I'll see what I can do.

UPDATE 2: It turns out (source in Swedish, it's a sensationalist tabloid, but it'll do) that a very similar-looking Batmobile was reported missing a year ago and that "Kronofogden", A.K.A. the Swedish Enforcement Authority (debt collection) were after him according to that article (7 days old). Apparently he owed the investor who financed the car half a million SEK (about $78,076) and said investor claimed to have, and I quote, "a knife against his throat" if he didn't get the money back. Apparently the idea when the car was built a few years back was to, among other things, do a filmed road trip through the US from coast to coast, but things "turned into a nightmare" (to directly quote the tabloidspeak).

For $75,525, it's not the car you need, but the car you deserve (BIG UPDATE)

From left to right: Builder (and possible rock star) Leif Garvin and radio host Ludwig "Bobbo" Krull. Apparently Krull wanted to do a (possibly Youtube, this source mentions "web TV") documentary film involving a coast-to-coast road trip through the US.

Three days ago, this article was posted, stating that the guy was in custody and being questioned by the Police about the car and his debts. Apparently the car had been up for sale on the machining workshop Config's website, but it was quickly taken down after they were questioned about it. Config's CEO Thore Lindgren had the following to say:

"Sadly we had forgotten to take down the picture. It's been uploaded for fun. It was some media stunt which was supposed to be held in January".

This begs the question, was this ad also part of that "media stunt" or was it a real ad?

The latest article I can find, which was posted yesterday, claims that they got a tip that the car has been "bought by a Prince" in Dubai and that it's already been shipped there. The website where one can send in anonymous tips about it is still up, but the Swedish Enforcement Authority claim to be looking into the Dubai tip. The most important tidbit in this article, however, is that the guy, Roger Andersson, from SEA that they interview says that it's really hard to find the car, as there are many others like it in the world, even saying this:

There are two or three just in Sweden. So much has been said in this matter that I don't know what is true any more.

Here are two videos of the missing Batmobile:

In the second one, which is in Swedish, they interview the builder who claims that the body was built in carbon fiber, that the frame is based on that of a 1973 Lincoln Mark III and that it has a 550 horsepower "360 big block" (he blurts it out very quickly, but I think he says 360).

For $75,525, it's not the car you need, but the car you deserve (BIG UPDATE)

There are multiple differences between the missing Batmobile and the one in the ad (as has been pointed out in the comments, the rear wheel flares are very angular on the one in the ad), but the fact that Config had to pull down their "for fun" ad might mean that the gentleman behind this ad had to do the same. Perhaps the Police even raided his house (the last article mentions Police raids in Skåne, Arboga and Stockholm)? I'll see if any of the "serious" newspapers have anything solid in a few days.