Happy Labor Day all! Oppo, I’ve gone done, did it now. I bought a new car for my wife. I finally found a dealer that was exceptionally professional and simply offered a great price out the gate.

Finding what type of car to choose was the easy part. My wife knew exactly what she wanted after driving my Subaru in the winter. She really wanted the boxy Subaru Forester. When winter comes I’ll get her Blizzak’s and I expect it to be an absolute beast.


I did my research to see what everyone was paying for the new 2016 Forester Limited’s with the popular package #2. This dealership offered below what I saw everyone getting. I couldn’t believe it. The whole process took about 2hrs and would have been about a half hour faster if it wasn’t for my insurance. It took over a half hour to get the new insurance paper work because apparently they didn’t know how to use a fax machine. I can’t blame as I don’t even know what that is (kidding).

When I go to upgrade my car I will definitely be going back to that dealership. I highly recommend this car to everyone. It has exceeded my expectations. I know there are many complaints about the CVT, but I don’t think it is that bad. It feels like a luxury car the way it rides. I was expecting it to feel a lot of the road as I do in the Impreza, but it is really impressive how quiet and comfortable the ride is. I actually think it rides better than the A6 and X5.