If you've never been to a drifting event you need to go. What Jalop doesn't enjoy spending a day around exhaust fumes, tire smoke, and revving engines? I've been a fan of drifting for several years now. I knew it existed, but didn't pay much attention when it first came to the US. It wasn't until several years ago I worked on a commercial with Samuel Hübinette. Sam had an event at Infineon Raceway (Sonoma) right after we finished shooting, and a midweek practice right in the middle of our shoot.

A bunch of us went out to practice and I was hooked. I and 2 other crew members ended up canceling our return flights to LA and staying behind to see the actual event. Below are a few photos from that. I'm including them because that was also my first time shooting stills at a motorsports event. The video above is the first time I've done video coverage. Shooting stills or video of motorsports can be incredibly challenging. If you haven't seen it take a look at Speedhunters 'How to Shoot Cars' series. I've learned some great tips from that series.


One of the reasons I shot video at this event was to get some practice. If you haven't seen my posts, Ferrero1911 and I are taking a major road trip next summer. We're driving a Lada 2103 from Tallinn, Estonia to Amsterdam, going through St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kiev, Ukraine to check out the Resto Lada scence over there. So this video was all about practice. From shooting to post workflow we're looking to find the best way to share a lot of media from our trip with the world. Look for a post on our blog about what we learned from this exercise.

Old Formula D Sonoma photos: