So the streaming has been a total failure but I’ve been taking pictures on Instagram along the way. Progress has been mostly smooth although a little stop-starty since we occasionally have to wait for parts to come in. The fuel system is finished and the oil system just needs an overflow reservoir (i.e. a plastic bottle). The water system needs some more hoses and tube fabrication. We’re also having a dash panel fabricated so we can mount switches behind the steering wheel (ignition, fuel pump, rain light, start button, and fire suppression).

A few parts of the gearbox were missing so we’re waiting for replacements (holy HELL are they expensive!!), all the suspension arms have been refurbished, and the brake calipers and disks need some attention. There’s a race in Mont-Tremblant with stupid-cheap entry fee at the end of September that I’m hoping to make, but if I miss that I should make the last North East SCCA race at Watkins Glen in mid October. I’m really looking forward to that one. Finger Lakes in the Fall? Yes please!

My Snell-2005 helmet is no good anymore and my new one just came in today!

New helmet on the right:

I couldn’t resist climbing in:

Information dashboard, mounted on to the wheel. The AIM G-Dash with Evo4 data logger:

Planned livery, worn by a Lotus 51: