The rules are simple: for every race thou will pick a driver who thou think will place first. Thou will then pick a different driver for second place. Then shalt thou pick a third, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt pick, and the number of the picking shall be three. Four shalt thou not pick, neither pick thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out! Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then pickest thou thy Pole Position diver.

Thine points shall be awarded in thus manner:

1st- 25 points

2nd- 18 points

3rd- 15 points

Pole Position- 5 points

The only exceptions to this are at the final race of the season wherest double points shall be awarded, and when a race is suspended and cannot be restarted, in which case if less than 75 percent of the race distance has been completed, half points shall be awarded, and if less than two laps have been completed, no points shall be awarded.


If thou chooses to curse a driver to crash out or retire first, then thou shalt be awarded 5 points. If said driver finishes the race, then thou shall be deducted 5 points from the race total, fore thou haft been a dick and must be punished. If the driver still fails to finish, but is not the first out, thou shall be awarded no points. This gambling carries a great risk, but may also pay out a sum most helpful.

Thou shalt make thine driver picks known when a post asking for them is posted. Thou shalt have until Q1 to make up thine minds or they shall forfeit said round and be awarded no points because thou haft been a sloth. If thou chooses to have a list of drivers that is fixed for the season, thou must speaketh said picks in the first post and make it clearly noted. Such risky behavior is not encouraged this season, but it is allowed.

Thine winner shall be the one who finishes the season with the most points. He or she shall receive a prize most coveted, The Gilded Bernie*. I shall create The Gilded Bernie over the summer and mail it to the winner. The winner shall possess it for a year until the next winner is crowned, in which time the one who currently possesses it shall mail it forth to the new champion. As shall be the tradition of Formula Oppo.


If there is any addendum that thou wish to add to thine rules speaketh now. Any further changes to the rules are subject to FIA judgement.

*The Gilded Bernie will resemble this picture