Why hello, thar, and welcome to the frozen wasteland directly north of America. We have all sorts of activities planed for this week including curling eh, hockey eh, apologizing(soory eh), going to Tim Horton's Hearing a Dr. Who eh, hockey eh, maple syrup chugging contest eh, smoking crack eh, eating poutine eh, apologizing s'more(so soory eh), enjoying healthcare eh, beaver pelting eh, and finally the seventh round of Formula Oppo eh, soory eh.

During the last round, Rosberg farted on Hamilton's pillow causing Lewis to get pink eye towards the end of the race. Ricciardo tried to take advantage of this but just couldn't execute the pass.

In the hat of America, the Queen of England is still the head of state, because they are a backwards people, soory. This week, on Degrassi, will the Silver Arrow's Blitz Krieg continue? Will Lewis piss off his engineers too much? Will Rosberg finally find true love? Will Sebastian suffer more issues? Can Ricciardo's teeth get any whiter? Will Rob Ford continue to smoke crack? Will Pastor hit the wall? Will French Canada declare independence? Do Canadians apologize too much? Soory.

Anywho, here are the drivers, eh:


Sebastian Vettel- Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo- Red Bull


Max Chilton- Marussia

Jules Bianchi- Marussia

Nico Rosberg- Mercedes


Lewis Hamilton- Mercedes

Kimi Räikkönen- Ferrari


Fernando Alonso- Ferrari

Romain Grosjean- Lotus

Pastor Maldonado- Lotus


Marcus Ericsson- Caterham

Kamui Kobayashi- Caterham

Sergio Perez- Force India



Nico Hulkenberg- Force India

Felipe Massa- Williams

Valtteri Bottas- Williams


Kevin Magnussen- McLaren

Jenson Button- McLaren

Esteban Gutierrez- Sauber



Adrian Sutil- Sauber

Jean-Eric Vergne- Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat- Toro Rosso


And here is a list of famous people of the white north

My picks are as follows, eh:

1. Lewis Hamilton



2. Nico Rosberg

3. Daniel Ricciardo

Q. Hamilton


Curse: Soory, no curse of the Soories

You have until Q1 (1:00 pm est Saturday the 7th) before the polar bears eat you, soory.

Good luck!