I’ve been playing this for two days now and I’ve already had like a week’s fix of Forza. If you’re on the fence anymore about buying it, just look at it.

The wide body Hellcat was one of the first cars I bought. I’ve all-wheel-drive’d it now- muhahahahaha
M4 + 6.2 V8 x 630 hp = Fun.
For me; hands down the SV is the best sounding car in the game.
Corner exit is phenomenal. The launch is, too- 1. Hold brake. 2. Rev to 8,000. 3. Release brake. 4. Rocket into stratosphere.
This was the point at which the photo mode in FH3 truly amazed me. Also Italian bias hehe
Another Marlboro livery- this one fits well. I like the body kits and tire lettering- more of each, please, Playground Games.

Thanks for viewing.