Keep the bleach ready for the eyes

Spoiler alert, this will be bad.

No alert needed here
Because that car has a lot of spoilers, get it?
Oh, I see what you did there.
“Baller” indeed
Okay, lets fix the car first. Then spend money on mods.
But then, I won’t have this spectacle, would I?
Stop trying to make PTs cool
Ok, stop....
Seriously, stop!
Bling bling with Adidas pants. Pfft, typical Ethiopians!
Roll up the window, fellow conspiracy theorist! There is a breach in the Faraday cage1!\!!!1
Didn’t know R8s were that small
Kid’s paper maché project?
Never pull over to pee again! Never bring the opposite sex into the car again!
Onee chan has noticed
He yells, “get a fucking life!”
So aerodynamic, the gas tank fills itself!
Yes. A Genesis truck.
And a Beetle-Jaguar
A Corvettado
The Krylon Monster!
Ohhh I’ve left the worst for last!
I mean it!
And goodnight! (because it’s night here)