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Finally winter is over and spring is here, and with it comes car meets, shows, and racing. I can't believe it's already been a year since the last Fredericksburg Toyota meet. This year was a little different thanks to rain delays and a new bigger location (thanks to Quaker Steak & Lube) after it was apparent that the meet had gotten too big for the old City Dock Park lot.

A group of us met up before the meet to roll up together from Richmond. It was pretty cool to see such an eclectic group of old Toyotas in a caravan together, including X7 & X8 Cressidas, AW and SW MR2′s, AE86, vintage Truck, and A70 Supras.

Soon after we arrived, more people started rolling in. The meet got pretty big pretty quickly.

Very cool 3S-GTE swapped Celica

Complete with some nifty diffuser action

This gorgeous X-Runner was packing some heat……

….in the form of a centrifugal supercharger!

This gorgeous truck was looking great on Starion wheels….

….and had upgraded from the 22RET to something a bit more potent, a 1UZ V8!

Speaking of crazy swaps, this AE86 came rolling in sounding like it was packing something a bit more extreme than the 4A-GE it left the factory with.

That 2JZ barely fits in there! Apparently it's built on a non-turbo block for a little bit of a compression bump.

While it may not be the most visually stunning motor, this 2GR swapped into an SW20 MR2 is one of my favorite swaps for that car. Less weight and a wide power band? Yes please!

1UZ swaps sure are getting popular, likely due to the relative abundance of the engines in junkyards for cheap. This Supra ditched the old 7M for some extra cylinders and less weight.

I'm really digging the old JAF badge too.

Supersize me!

One of my favorite cars at the meet, this KE30 Corolla was bad to the bone, it was even still rocking it's original 55hp 1.2L engine!

This thing just oozed awesome from every angle.

Another awesome old 'Rolla, this time in super mint condition.

I can't even imagine how much work it takes to keep the engine that clean.

And a super mint interior to boot.

This gem rolled in a little later. My personal favorite Supra, a clean MA60 P-type.

With only 2 owners and 70k miles, this thing looks like it just rolled out of the showroom.

Even though I'm a little partial to the A60, I do love me some A70′s as well.

Even a few JZA80 Supras came out. It's so sad how Toyota has gone from making great cars like these, to having the dishwasher-on-wheels Corolla S as the sportiest car in the lineup.

One of my all-time favorite cars, the ST165 Celica All-Trac. This super-clean example was sporting a seamlessly integrated hood scoop from a JDM ST185 Celica GTFour Carlos Sainz Edition.

These things were winning WRC championships before the WRX was a gleam in Subaru's eye.

A super clean example of the last All-Trac we got here in the US, an ST185.

This wild-looking Celica may not be AWD, but it has the 3S-GTE heart of an All-Trac

Speaking of 3S-GTE, the SW20 chassis MR2′s were out in force.

This rough and ready widebody MR2 is what I imagine Mad Max would have driven if it was in Japan instead of Australia.

This super clean example was looking great on newer Scion TC wheels.

With the exhaust stack coming right off the turbo, this car sounds gnarly when in boost.

This gorgeous AW11 was pulling off some epic wheel/tire fitment.

This silver example was one of the cleanest I've seen in a while.

One of those AW11′s was running this cool 20valve 4A-GE swap. Supposedly this was built with a 7A bottom end for some extra displacement. Very cool.

Here's an obligatory shot of my AW11 SC along side my MX72 Cressida.

The only other Cressida at the meet was this cool X8.

That's pretty much is as far as pics I took. I'll see if I can get some other guys to post up their shots as well. I'll leave you with some badge highlights, because I love me some old badges.