Meaning a thought and photo dump, plus I guess if you want to dump on it metaphorically as well you can do it here too.

What IS that diff pumpkin looking thing?
I Freaking LOVE this tall window. If anything makes it to production, I hope its this.
This door is cool
I like this so long as its like the 4runner’s slide out tray and can handle a lot of weight.
These water bottles and this type of “integrated” crap is the worst.
A million times boo to stupid nods to cell phones. People who use cell phones as gauges are people who don’t have working gauges.
Okay...This thing is HILARIOUS! You have to undock the Starship enterprise deflector dish to access the HVAC controls. You what I would rather have? A big useful screen.
This gear shift...eye roll.
The front arch is WAY bigger than the rear, I can’t unsee it and its pissing me off.
height adjustable coilovers eh?
*audible groan* Gopro mirrors.
This solid panel has no point. it literally just makes the car worse from the inside or out. rugged....
Can I say again how much I love these windows?

So what do you think?

Also of note: “Meanwhile, the company said, a four-wheel-drive system with low range could assist a production FT-4X in cashing the check written by the chunky 12-spoke 18-inch wheels and knobby Goodyear tires.” At least according to chats with Car and Driver.


Look, I think Toyota should TOTALLY chase the renegade and XV markets. And I think there could be a lot to love here. Tone down the lunar colony 2037 icecream truck vibe and dump the lame details and they could really be onto something.

That being said, Toyota has a history of cool concepts with dumb ideas and turning them into lame cars with the all the worst of the dumb ideas rendered in plastic.

My hopes are low but its still interesting.

FYI - if you didn’t know this is based on the C-HR and is targeted at the C segment (compass/patriot)