With graduation looming around the corner, and my professional career kicking off, I have began looking at homes for sale around my city as sort of inspirations to work harder, smarter, and further set/create long-term goals for myself. As I continue to look, I can’t help but realize that the homes that fit my tastes and aspirations fall in the $900k+ range (e.g. I really want a property with a long driveway) (it also does not help that the average value of a “regular” home is $550k in my neighborhood and $495k in my city). With that said, I notice that the estimated mortgage for said homes range on average of $4500+ a month; with $10k being the average for homes valued at $1MM or more. What the hell do people do in order to afford a $10k+ mortgage? What can I do to further my wealth? I know some very successful amd well-educated business and medical professionals, and even they, I don’t think, would be able to afford or want to have a $10k mortgage. Said homes aren’t in short supply in my city (or the rest of the world) either.