After giving Piglet a wash on Wednesday.

I needed to give the interior a going over, she only needed a quick vacuum and a wipe down but this morning I thought I’d spend a few hours giving her a thorough going over. So after giving the car a good vacuum.

After an initial vacuum with a brush end it’s best to use a detailing brush to loosen the dirt and debris in the nooks and crannies before vacuuming again.

It was then time to bio clean, with Gtechniq I2 Tri-clean, the interior, twice so I wouldn’t miss anything (don’t look at me like that), then treat the leather with Gtechniq L1 to reduce abrasion, UV damage, dye transfer, etc...

Exterior wiped down and gone over with Gyeon Cure and tyres dressed with Gtechniq T1 Tyres and Trim.

I hope the pics of Piglet haven’t bored you guys and gals.