So I get home and decide to maybe play some Horizon. I go to my room, turn on the monitor, and get ready to play. Well, first my controller wasn't syncing. Okay, restart and bingo, back online. Then it won't read the disc. Take it out, dust it off, try again. Nope. Spray some canned air in the drive and try again. Nope. Try another game. Nope. I give up and decide that it needs a through dusting. No Horizon for me tonight. I go to find my screwdrivers pop at least pop the case open and I discover another Xbox. I bought it from eBay to get cords for yet another one that's downstairs. It was sold as a RROD due to the graphics card needing reflowed and I bought that bundle thinking I could fix it and flip it and get at least most of my money back. I decided to plug it in and just see how bad it was and maybe I'd fix it tomorrow too. Well, it starts right up, normal screen and everything. So it looks like I'm back online!

Even if it crashes under the strain, I've got the downstairs one that I can grab :D