I debated for the longest time about when would be a good time to spend over $200 to fix the screen. I tested the Otterbox case on it by buttering my fingers and dropping it off an airline jetway 11 feet to the concrete ramp.

It was my last flight for that company and this is the thanks Karma gives me. Screen shattered but for a tiny line. The more I played with that, the darker it became and suddenly, I was without access to the universe! The phone was on but the screen didn’t let me access anything. I had to leave shortly for my new job but that included a pay cut. So out of my dresser came the S3 from way back in time. The battery apparently weak enough to cause infinite restart loops every few days.


Searching all over for a replacement screen we will find a part cost of $150 at least and other businesses will also repair for nearly or just over $200. I gave up and went to work. 6 weeks later I return home and call up Samsung tech support directly and discover they don’t sell their parts to other parties. Therefore anyone offering to fix it is using shittier parts. As a plus, I also discover the repair is less. So off it went.

Today it’s shipped back to me and I’ll get it soon. Unfortunately, I had no way of rescuing any of the most recent photos or numbers on it; such as my last day with the plane, standing under the nose of it, in the seat looking awesome, you know the usual stuff. Recent pics of my kids and my wife and the neat sunsets of the last month or so I haven’t yet saved to the computer. There is a warranty in general for parts so they fixed a few things here and there as well. Samsung is cheaper and better overall to work with.

1 week turnaround. What did I discover in the end out of all this? Otterbox kinda sucks unless you get their full on maximum big beefy iron cube safe phone protector. And even then they don’t pay for damages for your buttery fingers.