What do you guys think?

I looked at a house today that I really liked, it's twice the size of my condo, move in ready with a ton of potential. Priced right. But the weakest part is the sad excuse for a garage (it's really just a barn).

However, I had the idea of eventually tearing it down, and building a 2 car tandem garage that would be attached to the house through the existing utility room. It has a very long driveway, so I wouldn't miss that extra driveway space. The property has plenty of room for that, and a 2 car side-by-side isn't really feasible.


However since I'd be building it to my tastes, I could make it tall enough to accomodate a lift on the rear space :)

Side by sides are ideal, but I think I can make this work.

I'm excited already just thinking about it. I'll probably put an offer on this place!