Welcome to Generation Gap where we ask you about your favorite generation of a certain multi-generational car nameplate. Then, explain why your choice is right to the rest of us uneducated folks.

Last week we covered the Audi 80, the venerable predecessor to the modern Audi A4. Today we take a look at the A4 itself and decide which of these compact four/five doors best upholds the Quattro legacy. Is it the original B5 which had strong Audi DNA? Or is it the new one which is almost Skoda-like in its angles and lines?

The options:

First Generation [1994 - 2001] B5/Typ 8D and facelift

Second Generation [2000 - 2006] B6/Typ 8E-8H

Third Generation [2004 - 2006] B7/Typ 83-8H

Fourth Generation [2007 - 2015] B8/Typ 8K and facelift

Fifth Generation [2015 - Present] B9/Typ 8W