Welcome to Generation Gap where we ask you about your favorite generation of a certain multi-generational car nameplate. Then, explain why your choice is right to the rest of us uneducated folks.

Last time on Generation Gap we featured the definitive American minivan, the Dodge Grand Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country, which has widely been credited for inventing the minivan category. However, when the Honda Odyssey came to the American market, the second generation minivan quickly became the reviewers’ choice when it came to the best MPV around. Which of these J-series V6 (barring the original) powered beasts is your favorite?

The options:

First Generation [1995 - 1998] RL1

Second Generation [1999 - 2004] and facelift RL2

Third Generation [2005 - 2010] and facelift RL3; RL4

Fourth Generation [2011 - Present] and facelift RL5