Welcome to Generation Gap where we ask you about your favorite generation of a certain multi-generational car nameplate. Then, explain why your choice is right to the rest of us uneducated folks.

After looking at some amazing American machinery, let’s take a look at some not so amazing American machinery. From defining the Malaise Era to representing the cost-cutting of pre-bankruptcy GM, nothing quite illustrates the pitfalls of America’s biggest car company as well as the mighty Monte Carlo. That isn’t to say the beast doesn’t have its upsides too, though. In the end, which of its many generations was the best?

The options:


First Generation [1970 - 1972]

Second Generation [1973 - 1977] and facelift


Third Generation [1977 - 1980] and facelift

Fourth Generation [1981 - 1988] and facelift

Yes, I know the SS exists. No, this isn’t an SS.

Fifth Generation [1994 - 1999]

Sixth Generation [1999 - 2005]

Seventh Generation [2005 - 2007]