*UPDATE 2: Check out the chosen article.

*UPDATE: As promised, I am choosing a topic. The chosen topic is from Hermann- Fantasy WRC Champion

Should VW make an F-150 fighter and what would it need to succeed?

Runner up is from Blazin ACE

Should GM build a Toyobaru fighter?

Expect an article later today. Thank you to everyone for the suggestions

It's a slow day at work today so I came up with this challenge:

Ask me some car related question or give me a topic to discuss. It can be on any topic. I will choose 1 of the topics at 10am. I will then do research if necessary and write a short article based on that topic.


I am not a writer so I don't expect a magical unicorn of enlightenment when my response is posted but it should be a fun way to kill the time.

Here's an example of what I am envisioning in the comments:

a) What's your thoughts on the Hyundai Genesis?

b) Whats the next step for SRT to succeed?


Anyway, fire away in the comments and thanks for any and all responses.