Piglet hasn’t had a wash in a month.

She wasn’t dirty as such, mats inside had plenty of debris but she needed a good going over as she’s on chauffeur duty on Sunday, so has to look, Superb. Yes I said it, get over it, I merely beat you to it.

The wheels had been sealed with Gyeon Cancoat and so only needed a brief cleaning in behind the spokes. Then topped up with Gyeon Wetcoat and dried using Gyeon Cure as a drying aid and buffed.

Piglet was washed with Gyeon Foam through a snow foam lance, rinsed, topped with Gyeon Wetcoat and then dried with Gyeon Cure.

Mats and interior vacuumed, surfaces wiped down with Gtechniq I2ab anti bacterial cleaner.

Windscreen sealed with Angelway H2GO.