The Autech Stelvio is awesome beyond awesome. A Nissan Leopard (Infiniti M30) rebodied by Zagato and tuned by Autech, it has a unique combination of batshit Italian loony styling and soul-sucking Japanese blandness. There is not a good line on this car. Not one. You know how they described the styling of cars like the Esprit and the Countach as "folded paper"? The Stelvio is best described as "crumpled paper". It's hideous and crap to drive but it has sideview mirrors inside the hood, NACA ducts on the wheels and front seats that look like dentist chairs, so of course you all want one. Thankfully, Goo-Net has two up for sale. The first is the red one pictured above, in fairly decent shape for 26,660 dollars.…


For true men of wealth and taste, however, there is this fine example:

In dark blue with only 4000 km on the clock, it's the low-rent moronic exotic bargain of the century at $39,480.



Somebody buy one. You all know how empty and meaningless your lives are without Stelvios in them.