New flywheel for the Spitfire arrived today. At 6.3kg it's a little under half the weight of the stock item. Aww yiss. Also did some work on the Jaaag...

The last little bit of custom work needed was to fashion a bracket to hold the hydraulic pipe fast against the movement of the transmission on its mounts. Here's the little bracket...

...and here's the hydraulic pipe mocked into place. As I couldn't get bulkhead fixtures in the size I needed I've had to use a spring washer to hold it in place, and a couple of standard washers used as shims to ensure it clamps the bracket at the same time as the hydraulic pipe inside the union.

From there, it was a lot of measuring, umming and arring about where to place the bracket. I could have bolted the transmission into place and test-fitted it, but that's a massive PITA. I think I've got it right, but only time will tell.

It was a bit of a bastard to weld it in place though. A combination of welding upwards and the lack of space under the car made it tricky. This may be the ugliest weld I've ever done but it's solid.

The last little bit I did was to cut away some of the nut on the step-down union I got to convert the standard sized pipe to the odd-sized union that Jag uses. It wasn't quite long enough to make contact with the bottom of the slave cylinder, so wouldn't have made a seal. By hacksawing and filing the nut part, it will now screw all the way in.

After that it's just finding where on earth the tool for splaying the end of pipes has gone and I can bolt everything up :)