This morning’s Morning Shift talked about a Bloomberg story which talked about Google’s lack of progress with the Google’s autonomous vehicle program, and how they’re waiting to bring to market an L4 system, and I think they’re right to wait.

It seems as though Google has made the decision to wait to bring a fully autonomous system to market, instead of the partial systems which currently populate the market. Near the end of the story (link at the bottom) the author briefly talks about how it Google came to that decision. Apparently a few years ago they let employees test the system, but they found that drivers took longer to react and take the controls back, and that’s why they want an L4 system.

I think there have been other studies which point to the fact that partially autonomous seem to be more dangerous, as people pay no attention and it takes longer for them to focus.


Personally, I can’t see using a system like Autopilot because unless the system is able to always drive the car, I’d have to pay attention, so why would I put myself at risk of getting into an accident.

People are already shitty enough drivers, so we shouldn’t be giving them an excuse to not pay attention, no matter how many warnings they get to pay attention and not rely on the system.