Well Oppo, after 5 years of a pristine driving record I finally managed to get a blemish. I was at a 3 way intersection with a lone stop sign (where I was) and was making a left turn. Before turning I did my usual look both ways, was clear an set off. Half way through my turn I heard metal on metal and felt a small bump. A parked truck with a snowplow on the front decided it would be a great time to pull out. He was looking behind his shoulder while pulling out and didn't see me going through the intersection, anyways his plow hit my right front, tore off my license plate holder, smashed my reflector, and scratched and cracked my bumper. Nothing real major but very noticeable. Anyways even before Im out of the car he calls his state trooper buddy who's on duty to come over. There wasnt any damage to his truck, not even a scratch on the plow. Anyways the cop gets there looks over it all and decides that I get a ticket because I had the stop sign and insurance was involved, despite the fact that I was moving before him and was more than content to pay out of pocket for a new bumper. Long story short I got screwed because the guy knew a state trooper. Oh well, live and learn I suppose.