My friend invited me to the APR BBQ this past weekend in Auburn, AL. I'm not really a VW guy, but this was an awesome experience.

Besides the sweet tuned Audis they had on display, they had their race cars out. I drooled over this R8 for about three hours. They also had the Golf R's they run in the ST class. The Golf R drivers were there, and they were super cool to talk to. They had a cool two part competition. One part was the fastest lap time in a Golf R around Road Atlanta on Forza 4 with a good steering wheel setup. Part 2 was a pit stop contest, where you have to change one of the tires on one of the Golf race cars with an air gun. I didn't win, but it was awesome.


They gave tours of their facility, which showed everything from development to manufacturing to installation. These guys are better engineers than most of what I've seen at my job.

Thanks for reading, so here's a bunch of smartphone pics of the R8.