I am going into senior year of an engineering degree and as a result, I am starting my capstone project. I am in plastics engineering (kinda a mix of mech and Chem) and would like to do something auto related.

I first wanted to do something about polymeric conbustion engines. For lawn mowers/ powersport applications, a plastic engine would be perfect due to a lower weight (sleeved pistons and various other metal pieces still unchanged...). That being said, it is a sort of short sighted idea as electricity is getting more popular, and most likely a lot more money than what I get allotted is required to explore the topic.

So, what did you guys do for your capstone? If you are in industry, what do you want to see?


BTW; for those who care, I have been making progress on my car and now it looks halfway presentable. Just wanted to give a pic to the topic.