GRC came to the PNW the weekend before last and it was pretty damn awesome. I beleive it is some of the most exciting and watchable racing around. The downsides of a live event were that what they can fit into an hour on tv is a full day with long waits between heats. Also the crowd is not my scene ( ST bros, VW bros, Subaru bros, and now Honda bros.) There was so much vape and discussions about stance it became unbearable. Overall awesome experience though and hopefully they will be back next year. Here are a bunch of photos, most are pretty low quality as I didn’t have my DSLR. Warning: It may take a minute to load as the file sizes are rather large.

I don’t like the look of the new Civics at all but they looked pretty good as rallycars.
Points leader Scott Speed had a terrible weekend and ended up doing almost an entire lap like this.
Dirtfish leading the pack.
Still leading.
This is what happens when you back into traffic after you spin, ended up catching 3 other cars with him.
Similar picture to the 4th from the top, but different heat. Tanner was just always in the lead.

So Tanner Foust ended up dominating all of his heats and one the final. No one even threatened his lead all day long. Here are a few pics from the pits and parking.


It was very cool to get to see Larry Chen from Speedhunters doing his thing as he is one of my favorite automotive photographers. I found it interesting to watch what he was taking pictures of and wonder if it would make it onto Speedhunters.

As seen in Tanner Foust’s trailer.
Tanner was out signing things between heats and was very friendly, he was obviously having a good day.
Nelson Piquet Jr. could be found in his pit between heats as well.
For some reason he is filming his own car.
Steve Arpin was out giving away and signing old and broken car pieces for fans.
Old Yota with a 5th wheel hitch. I really hope there isn’t a 22R hiding under that hood scoop.

That is all folks, thanks for looking.