The BF Raptor, now released.

Much like previous updates to GTA Online, the newest “Bikers” (why not “Hog Wild” or something?) update contains hidden motorcycles and cars that players have found in the game’s code. R* is releasing said vehicles as additional free DLC in the weeks following the main update.

This week, R* released the BF Raptor, a Campagna T-Rex lookalike that’s in the Sports class. I took it for a spin on “Loop the Lake” recently - initial turn-in strikes me as being pretty good, but the Raptor is prone to spinning out if the rear wheel gets jounced by curbs, crappy roads, etc. You can’t improve stability at the rear by installing an Off-Road wheel/tire there, as only the front wheels can be repainted or changed. There aren’t any spoilers (which would improve traction) or other unique body mods that you can make to it, which sucks. I still think that the Raptor is a cool addition to the game, though.

The Western Daemon Custom, now released.

Since it’s the “Bikers” update, most of the new vehicles are motorcycles - R* released a new variant of the Western Daemon this week alongside the Raptor, and there are two new Pegassi motorcycles (a scrambler and a café racer) inbound.

There are a couple of cars coming as well, if you don’t count the Raptor as one LOL. There’s the Bravado Youga Classic, a Ford Econoline lookalike; I’ve been wanting a purchasable van (i.e. not the Police Transporter) that can safely transport the rear passengers by having no windows/fully blocked-off windows in the rear, but this isn’t that.


R* is also going to be introducing a Rat Rod variant of the Declasse Tornado. Like the Tornado, the Tornado Rat Rod is a Sports Classic; it probably won’t dethrone the Stirling GT, let alone handle anywhere nearly as well, but I still want one badly. It looks fantastic, especially with the fat drag radials and exposed engine (with moving belts!).

I figure that these two motorcycles will be released as part of this year’s Halloween Surprise. One is the Sanctus, a variant of the Avarus that was introduced in the initial “Bikers” update; the red eyes in the skull serve as functional headlights.


The other motorcycle is the Shotaro, which is both a Tron bike and an Akira bike! You can remove the front and rear wheel covers to make it look like Shotaro Kaneda’s bike from Akira, and the portion that’s painted in a secondary color (blue in this pic) lights up like a light cycle from Tron: Legacy. The Shotaro will cost GTA$2,375,000, and there’s apparently going to be a suit (available separately) that also lights up!