Guess the Car!

No no no, I already know that's a Renault Megane. The challenge is the following:

Next week I will be visiting Europe. During my visit, I will be renting a car in Amsterdam. My request was for a compact car, and the rental company has said it will be a "Renault Megane or similar." So my challenge to you is: Guess what car I will be given at a rental booth in the Amsterdam Airport. A VW Golf? A Ford Focus? A Peugeot 308? A Renault Megane? The possibilities are (not really) endless.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Why should I bother?" and "Is there a prize?" Well, drumroll please… Whoever guesses correctly could be the lucky recipient of a picture of the vehicle I rent while I'm abroad, which I will post to Oppo for you to "Right Click->Save As." I know…awesome, right? A picture of a random European compact car on a random European street…it doesn't get much better than that. Those of you that guess incorrectly, please do NOT steal the picture!!!


There's one little catch to this guessing game that I feel you should know about. I am renting through Enterprise. They have listed a "Compact, Renault Megane or similar" and a "Compact, Opel Astra or similar" available as two different options, for a total price difference of 3 euros over a 5 day period between the two. All other descriptions on the page were similar (manual, 4 door, a/c, etc.), so I would expect these vehicle to be in the same class? The only difference my uninformed brain could think of was hatch vs. sedan (in the pictures), but I thought the Astra was available as a hatch?

As an additional follow-up question for you European Opponauts: Which compact car should I hope to get? I'm afraid I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to the European compact car segment, so my only hope right now is that it will be something I can't find on a car lot in the US. The Focus is a fine enough automobile, but I can find one of those to drive here at home.

So…what's your guess???