Happy New Year OppoNauts

A not strictly related Jalopnik post but I've noticed that people seem to be down lately. I know the holidays can be a bit depressing - the stress, the family that might sometimes rub you the wrong way, the lack of daylight hours.

I can say something about the new year being full of new opportunities but that would be cliche, not helpful and, let's be completely honest here, not even the opportunities you really need. So I'm going to say this instead.

It's somewhat common knowledge that Dec 20-ish or the 21-ish is the shortest day of the year. Actually, it's December 6 - kind of sort of. While Dec 21 has fewer total daylight hours, Dec 6 is the one day of the year with the fewest daylight afternoon hours. Either way we're well past either date - which means things can only get brighter and brighter from here on out. In fact, things already have been getting brighter this whole time. Even if only literally. And, uh, even if only until June 21st. But hey, it works for me.


Oh, and we celebrate the start of Spring on the Vernal Equinox. But as Bad Astronomy points out the strict scientific definition of the Equinox is the midway point. So if we use a little math we can backdate the start of spring to about February 6, which is right about the time the Japanese celebrate the beginning of spring in the Setsubun festival. And winter really began on November 6, so we've already weathered through half of it! And Summer's only a short time away on May 6 - hey, right in time for the summer blockbuster season! I guess those MPAA guys are on to something after all!

Oh, and as for when Summer and Fall ends, uhh...yeah, those end whenever the weather gets bad, let's just say (we don't need the Bad Astronomy guy to tell us everything).

And if nothing else just be glad your ex isn't a bona fide Batshit Babes candidate.

Happy New Year Opponauts!