We looked at the Volvo XC60, and came away unimpressed.

Part of it was a salesman who literally knew nothing about the car. My wife did not like driving it, complaining that the shifiting was choppy. No Swedes will be joining the family. We still love you Swedens, even if you look like Norwegians to us. You did help her realize she wants a crossover or SUV, not a wagon. I, for one, voted for this wagon because I thought it was cool.

I was overruled quickly and without hesitation. In my defense, look at that thing!

Next we looked at the Infiniti QX50, which was a sweet looking Limited package. My wife loved how it drove, describing it as “smooth” and really liking the wood and leather all over the inside. It smelled like dead cow in the best possible way.

I love those wheels. The problem is it lacked tech that she wants, like lane assist, blind spot alerts, and adaptive cruise control. Dave, the salesman at Fresno Infiniti is the consummate pro, which is why I have bought two cars from him. This dealership is awesome, and the best service I have gotten from a dealer. But we had to see another car.


Next was the Acura MDX, the biggest car she looked at and the only one with a third row of seats.

She really likes the car, and loved the lane assist, which she had never experienced. I like the new Acura grille.


But she kept kicking me in the ankle in the showroom, and I am not really sure why.

She was surprised to discover that she did nit mind the bigger vehicle, and really liked the panoramic visibility of the Acura. But the interior, while nice, was acres of plastic that could not touch the Infiniti. But she wants that third row of seats for Toby when we travel (Yosemite in 2 weeks, Grand Canyon in April.)


We went to lunch and played with the Infiniti web site. The Limited package is expensive and mainly cosmetic. If we drop that, and pick up an extra technology package, we can get a QX60 (one size up from the 50), and have the tech she wants for about the same price as the Acura.

As always, Oppopinions are welcome.

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