*sort of car related rant after safety image

I have been really wanting a pre smog (in California that means ‘75 and previous) and one of my dream cars is a 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 Ram Air in Verdoro Green with a 4 speed and factory air. That is a car that is almost impossible to find and if I do I know I can’t afford it at the moment. So my thought is if I can’t have the perfect 1st gen Firebird right now I don’t want a 1st gen till I can. So I have been hunting for an affordable classic car and I found a perfect one. Then comes money, so I figure I will sell off my Austin Healey project that I have been working on and off since 2010. Mostly off to be honest. I would sell my 928 also, but lets be honest, it is only worths more than scrap if it was running and it isn’t atm. So good bye Sprite. Hello ‘71 Firebird. Like seriously this car is haunting my dreams and I can’t stop thinking about it. I find myself staring at the craigslist ad when I am not doing anything at work or at home. The L88 scoop and the solid wheels I would usually hate, but some reason I just love this car. My coworker even said he would give me a fiberglass formula hood if I buy it lol. But I am having the issue of this car just will not leave my mind. All I can think about is how great a classic it would be. Cruise, shows, twisties, drag race. It would be amazing for all aspects of my driving needs and look spectacular next to my GTO. But some reason the seller isn’t responding to my email or text, which is infuriating because I bet with more information I could either hate it completely or fall even more in love with it. Anyway here is the car.

I just don’t know what to do. I am lusting after it so badly