I bent it back and it looks fine now. So with that out of the way, here's a story.

We had a 17" aluminum wheel repaired for a Dart owner today and as I was pulling my car out of the shop, my manager told me the customer was here and he wanted me to put her wheel on. Now bear in mind I'm a detailer, not a tech, but I can do basic stuff like this. Anyway, I pulled my car out, put her's on the same lift, and swapped the wheels with ease. I get in the car, go to start it, and it tells me the fob isn't in the vehicle. I get out, grab my jacket off the work bench figuring the key was in the pocket, and I get back in the car and try to start it again. Same thing, no key detected. So me, my manager, and every tech in the shop are go crazy looking for it. We looked every damn where, in the car, around it, under it, in the trunk, around the rest of the shop. No fucking key. I retraced every step I took. Finally, someone touches the door handle and the car unlocks. If you're not familiar with the keyless entry on Chryslers, if you touch the inside of the door handle it senses your hand there and unlocks the car if you have the key on you. So the key is somewhere close but we still don't see it. Finally we put the car back up on the lift and sure enough the key is underneath the middle of the car. I was having such a good day, capped off by 30 minutes of a mini heart attack.