Unfortunately this will be in two parts, the hook-up wire and terminal kit were stolen out of the mailbox, so backups won’t arrive till tomorrow.

This ended up a bit more involved than I’d though, but worked out. Step one: remove the bumper cover.

There were 25 fasteners holding it on, once removed it came off easy. Now you can get at the stock horn and bracket. Just worked from the bottom up, and Reverse for reinstall.


Install a second bracket and horns:

You can see the second OEM horn bracket on the driver’s side and the horns facing the front. The bracket was only 15$ and well worth the cost.


Installed the relay near the coolant overflow in an existing unused point:

Then I buttoned everything back up. You can see them peeking out the front:

Unfortunately this is where I have to stop. Tomorrow I’ll finish up. This is the first wrenching I’ve done besides oil, and fluid changes. I’m glad it’s going so well.