The rest of the terminals showed up today. And wiring it up was a cinch. Only a couple little issues.

Here’s the 12v under the hood:


This was a small issue, there is a plastic flange that interferes with the socket getting to the 10mm bolt. It was so slight it stumped for for a while. Also unscrew it only enough to get a spade in there, if it comes out all the way I’ve been told you will be in a world of hurt.

Here’s the relay wired up:


Not much to say about that. Other than I think I should insulate it better, all the hots are at least.

The only other issue was the unused bolt hole for the drivers side horn bracket. I had to install and remove the bolt a few times to get a good ground, luckily it was easy to figure out, as that horn was kicking on just a little.

Now the final verdict: my ears are ringing. I was wearing hearing protection while testing. But in a closed garage, so as not to piss of the neighborhood I did a few blasts without ear muffs and 20 minutes later I am wishing I didn’t. Total win so far!