Lurked here for a while and I play GTA 5 with the Oppo gang almost daily so I figure it was time to join. I'll skip the silly stuff and get to what's important - Car History.

My first car was an 04 Scion xB which I owned for a year.

Traded that for a 2007 Chevy Colorado Z71 2X4 which I also had for a year.

Traded in for a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS which I got rid of after 6 months due to extremely high insurance rates.


Traded that in for a 2005 Dodge Dakota Laramie 4x4 v6 which I got rid of after 6 months due to terrible gas mileage and general terribleness.

Traded that in for a 2000 Volvo v40 which I hooned for 4 months before it became too unreliable.

Sold it to buy a 2003 Volvo XC70 AWD which I've had for 4 months so far and love.

Well that's it, so hello all! Glad to finally be on Oppo!