As many of us know, there comes a time in every enthusiast's life where one feels obligated to cash in their current set of wheels for something newer, better, and maybe faster. A fellow car-centric friend of mine seems to be at this point and is deciding between two very different routes. I figured one opinion would be insufficient so I told him I would see what you guys thought.

Option 1: BMW 135i (2008-2012 with possible 1M conversion)

This is my personal preference of the two options. My logic is that this car will be far more rewarding on a daily basis than Option 2 and offers almost the same amount of freedom in terms of customizability. It seems more practical and with a 1M conversion...dripping with style. Somehow this doesn't seem to be enough to convince my troubled friend so we must consider Option 2.

Option 2: Jeep Wrangler w/ lift (2012)

The rationale for the Jeep is as follows: fun to build up, looks pretty slick if done right, apocalypse ready. My opinion is that you can only build up a Jeep to a certain point, after which it looks like an over-decorated Christmas tree — and then what? I see the appeal of a big meaty set of wheels and off-road capability keeping in mind that the Jeep would most likely be easy to work on and have a unique final result. This is where the dilemma lies. What do you guys think would be the better vehicle?

Important note: 2008 GTI is his current car (mileage is getting up there)