As I mentioned last night the Mini has developed an odd squeaking/creaking noise at low speeds. I did some further analysis today when I made a quick run to get gas and replace my self-destructing wiper blades. The symptoms are as follows:

1) Only happens at low (parking lot) speeds

2) When you turn the wheel there is an odd squeaking/creaking noise which sounds like it is coming from the steering column, inside the car

3) I can’t feel or notice anything different other than the squeak/creak

4) It almost sounds like loose interior panels (i.e. plastic on plastic) but no amount of pressing or tapping on the dash and column can reproduce it


I would like to figure out what the source of the noise is as I am planning on driving 250+mi to head home on Friday

Get out of the way you silly Rav-4

Photo of said Mini and a couple of its friends for your time