You're kind of my last hope, probably, though it's all cool if you don't feel like it, I mean, it's no big deal anyways. Here's a cool Nova.

Ok, so here's the thing, there's this good friend of mine who's currently living in the US of A, in Springfield, Missouri, to be more specific, and he's planning his first ever road trip, a 12 hour affair between Springfield and Kent, Ohio. Being a novice driver, he's come to me for advice.


The problem is that I don't live in the US, neither have I ever driven there. I can give lots of advice about driving in Brazilian roads and cities and how to, huh... cross into neighboring countries without drawing too much attention (if you're not a cop), but roadtrips in the US are something I only do in my head, when the voices quiet down.

Anyways, what he wants to know is whether a trip of this magnitude is recommended for a novice driver or if he should just stay home and play GTA instead. And by novice driver, I mean he's yet to get a license. Or a car. He's working on both right as we speak, and by the time his vacation rolls around, he should be a fully licensed operator in charge of a rental car, on his way to Kent. Or at least that's his plan. The only advice I've given him so far is, yeah, do it. I would if it was me, but back when I was a newly licensed driver, I already had a fair amount of experience, while he's got none.


That's why I came to Oppo for advice. If anyone's in the area between the two cities and is familiar with the roads, traffic conditions, feel free to pitch in. Any other tips for road tripping in the US are welcome as well, including what car he should rent or what to look for in a car to make the trip. Really, anything will do at this point.