The schools in the area all did a program called Race to Read, whereby if you read enough books you get a free ticket (and one for your accompanying adult) to go to Bandimere to see drag races. My daughter LOVES to read, and I suspect is building either a love of cars, or a love of me, hard to tell. Either way, she was SUPER excited to go to a race.

Of course, drag racing is loud, I live ~10 miles from the track and can hear the races, so being ~50ft from the track ear plugs are a necessity. Ever tried to keep ear plugs in a 6 year olds ears?

"No YOU sound weird" she kept telling me


her first car race

I completely spaced on bringing a real camera to capture her first day at the races, a camera phone is not ideal to capture cars going 200+ mph for a ~6 second run :D

her first car race

Her favourite, the "fire cars" (jet cars), she was blown away by how much smoke and flames they produced.


her first car race

It was 9pm when we left, only a couple hours past her regular bed time, but she was still hyped, and has talked about it all weekend.