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I have time to burn and not much to do, so yesterday I was browsing Oppo and found some content on the Mitsubishi Mirage. I can’t help but sort of like the car; it is honest about what it is. These days almost every car is trying to move upmarket with more “standard equipment” and eyewatering option packages.


The Mirage is no mirage—it is a cheap car designed to move people and get great mileage doing so. I kinda want to test drive one equipped with the 5 speed, I think it’d be a cool city car. One issue: I have no intentions of buying one. Mitsubishi is struggling, and I’d rather not give a salesman false hope. I could very well be the high point of some guy’s workday...I don’t want to feign interest and have homeboy all happy that someone walked through the door

So, as the headline says: Is it wrong to test drive a car you have no intention of buying?