Borderline, but these were ridiculously slow and don't get much love today. (the picks get worse)


The most infamous, and probably self exlanatory to anyone who knows about cars.


Yes it's cool. But even in 1972 you'd have thought they'd forsee the reliabiity issues with an Italian engined French car.

It should be obvious why this was a bad choice.

MT really liked themselves some Vega. (variants)

As Mr. Regular puts it, these cars came from a "think toilet"

Not the GLHS, as evidenced by the above body control

worst Z-car

citation needed

herr durr no reliability and no power and no handling and stuff

It's a Grand Am

I like Town Cras, but they're wern't exactly a pinacle of engineering prowess

Also a car I like, but this was a beached whale when all people wanted were little Japanese sedans

see above

not a bugeye Integra

Crap build quality, cra reliability

Same story as above. My parents had one and it didn't even make it 100k miles.

nothing gets the blood pumping like a rental car

b/c Chrysler 2.7

"Well, we thought it was a good idea at the time"

Looked so good that everybody was let down by the rest of the car

don't pick cars that are killing your own industry

Did they even have a pulse in 2007?