I’m sure you all know of the many different kinds of cars in Japan that can be found on Goo-Net Exchange, but how about some of the oddities and hidden gems that can be found on the site when you look at listings marked ‘Other’.

This includes Other pages for specific countries. Let’s start with Germany.

First, is this 1960 Goggomobil T250. Under the hood, a 245cc two-stroke straight-two engine with 13.6 hp. Rear engined, Rear Wheel Drive, 4-speed manual transmission. Listed for 3,500,000 yen ($30,730).

Also listed under Germany Other is this 1967 NSU Sport Prinz. 20,831 were built over ten years, making this car relatively rare. Being built in 1967 means a slightly more powerful 598cc I2. No price listed, though.

In France Other, we find a pair of Simca 1000s. A red 1974 Rallye 1 and a green 1972 Rallye 2.


The ‘74 is listed at 5,880,000 yen ($51,626) and the ‘72 is listed at 6,280,000 yen ($55,138).

U.K. Other gives a larger selection of cars, and it starts with a doozy. A 1955 Humber Super Snipe MkIV. Only 7 years of production for the MkIV, only 17,993 built. Listed price is 2,800,000 yen ($24,584).

Next is an oddball. So much of an oddball, I can’t identify this three-wheeler. Whatever it is, it’s listed at 3,980,000 yen ($34,944).

If you want something quick and rare, there’s not much rarer than this next car, a Zenos E10. Between the standard, S, and R versions, about 100 were built, give or take. It’s not cheap, though. Listed price is 9,023,000 yen ($79,222).

Not as rare, but likely quicker, is this 2014 Ariel Atom. Equipped with a 2 liter Honda K20Z4, it should be easy to service, even in Japan. Listed price is 6,280,000 yen ($55,138).

USA Other has a more interesting selection of vehicles, including this brand new Thor Compass 23TR, based on the Ford Transit. Listed price is 13,860,000 yen ($121,691).

Crossovers even pop up in this section, including this 2014 Kia Sorento SXL (listed as being built in July of 2013, so 2014 model year), built in Georgia. Listed price is 2,490,000 yen ($21,862), which for a loaded Sorento of this year and only 9,000km on it, is actually a pretty good deal, considering these were close to forty grand brand new.

Apparently, even the Japanese like their side-by-side utility vehicles, like this 2011 (possibly 2012) Kawasaki Teryx, listed for 1,350,000 yen ($11,853).

Apparently, even Japan isn’t safe from ugly, like this 2012 Honda Accord Crosstour. 3,290,000 yen ($28,886) buys it...but why would you?

Box truck, anyone? Here’s a 1998 Utilimaster Aeromaster for 2,680,000 yen ($23,530).

Japan Other is usually loaded with construction equipment, three wheeled motorcycles, and all terrain vehicles, but sometimes hides some interesting gems. One of them, this brand new TommyKaira ZZ, listed at 8,640,000 yen ($75,859).

Wanna see something odd? How about a Nissan March that’s been converted into a pickup? Listed at 1,280,000 yen ($11,238).

Beautiful things sometimes show up here, like this 1966 Prince Skyline 1500 Deluxe. Looks to have been very well taken care of, and is listed at 1,980,000 yen ($17,384).

I’ve got some great news with this next one...out of the Other section, a brand new Dacia Duster. That’s right, someone imported a Duster to Japan. It’s a rather basic model, unpainted bumpers, steel wheels, manual transmission, and 4WD. Listed price is 2,592,000 yen ($22,740).

This listing might be confusing, but when you look hard enough, it’s not that hard to figure out. On the outside, it looks like a run of the mill MG TD Midget. But, once you look under the hood, it becomes clear. It’s a Malaysian built TD2000. Listed price is 2,780,000 yen ($24,408).

Another oddity is this 2009 Hindustan Ambassador Grand 1800ISZ. Modern day old school car. Listed price: 1,490,000 yen ($13,082).

Somehow, Toyota Aygos end up in strange places here, usually in the America Toyota section, or here in the Other section, like this 2006 model. Listed price is a rather cheap 950,000 yen ($8,341).

Wrapping things up is more unusual...a 1992 Peraves EcoMobile cabin motorcycle, which is apparently German, evidenced by it’s BMW Motorrad engine. No price listed.