I've still got my arm in a cast, so while my wife was busy setting up my display every morning I'd sneak away to grab some pics.

Detroit's show is set up with an upstairs and a downstairs. Upstairs is traditionally where the $$ is, where the Riddler cars are and where OEMs set up. Troy Trepanier was honored as builder of the year and they had a really nice area sectioned off for Rad Rides by Troy.

The basement is more of a hot rod show. In recent years the lines have often been blurred because, quite honestly, it's way more fun downstairs. It's evolved from rat rods and ricers to a pretty nice mostly pre-'65 type show. Ricky Bobby's Rod Shop, Jokerr, Brother's Customs, Midwest Fabrication, and many more had a nice presence.

There was a better mix of cars than what I'm posting...but I guess I shoot what I like. For all my pics from the weekend click HERE

A few Rad Rides...

The eventual Riddler winner getting prepped before showing

A couple trucks from Reiter's. Shop is actually right down the road from me. Good people!

'83 BMW by The Gasbox

Next two are my favorites upstairs:

'39 Chevy built by Jason Graham

'32 Roadster by Crafty B

cool bike I know little about 'cept my buddy Joshua Shaw did a killer job with the paint

My friend Brad's garage built '50 Fleetline

the level of eclectic cool in this picture might be unrivaled

My '54 snuck in this shot. Our booth was to the left if you're looking dead on....

buggin' out

Ricky Bobby's sedans

Ford Racing's Factory Five Eco-Boosted roadster, paint and body work by Ice Nine:


and a bunch of funky truck stuff. Because truck.

Chevy's '78 Silverado restomod(more pics in the album):

...and their kick ass carbon fiber Cheyenne:

Ram's Rumble Bee

'78 Jeep/Duece monster mashup

'38 Comfortractor

mine is bigger than yours...

Sunday night we packed up both my trucks and headed home. No trailer for this '54! 3 on the tree with no power anything is a little much for one hand, so Max got the honor of driving the F100 home....

Detroit Autorama is such a killer show. I'll take this over NAIAS every day of the week and twice on Sunday.