Not sure what to do, or why I would think you you all might have some insight into this but i am giving my wife a trip to New York with her sisters for Valentines day and because I feel like this is just a tiny packback for all the cool trips I've done this year without here, I am not counting it as part of her birthday just 5 days later. So the question I keep asking myself is. $200 on a down coat? or $200 on a new camera? She says she needs a new down coat but that hers functions fine. She doesn't like my Mirrorless camera because its too big and complicated and the one I gave her years ago takes crappy pics. She is very, um, frugal and her idea of a great gift is tupperware or some nonsense like that. But I need to get this ordered soon so she can take one on her trip. New York is going to be butt cold so...down? but she will want to take good pictures of this trip with her sisters who are on opposite sides of the country...and she has a puffy coat Thoughts?

Have a 79 quad cab V8 turbo diesel in super high res!