After looking at Matsayz post on the VW Atlas (we don’t get in to the U.K.).

I wondered in order of size what VAG (namely Audi, VW, SEAT and Skoda) have available.


Largest first,

Audi Q7, 5,052

VW Atlas, 5,037

VW Touareg, 4,796

VW Tiguan LWB, 4,712

Skoda Kodiaq, 4,697

Audi Q5, 4,663

VW Tiguan SWB, 4,486

Audi Q3, 4,385

Skoda Karoq, 4,382 (released soon)

SEAT Ateca, 4,360

Adi Q2, 4,191

SEAT Arona, 4,138 (released soon)

For me, I think the smaller SEATs and Skodas have it for looks.