I ran some maths to calculate a car's 0-60 time based on its weight and horsepower rating.

From the factory, my car has 205hp (wheel or crank, doesn't say), weighs 3591-ish pounds, and hits 60 in about 8.2 seconds according to reviews I've read of the car when it came out.

The math backs this up, confirming the 205hp is a wheel number, since the calculation says it should do 0-60 in 8.32 seconds. Cool, so that's what my car *should* do.


I've done multiple 0-60 runs in my car in varying conditions, both before and after chopping off half my exhaust to get a better sound and higher flow. I wasn't expecting much increase in speed, but what I got was *no increase in speed*

In both cases my 0-60 time was around 10.3 seconds. I plug those numbers into the horsepower equations and...

150hp. My car is now making 150 horsepower. Holy *SHIT*. I know the car has 220,000 miles, but it's been run on synthetic and had parts replaced at regular intervals, and it still gets the same fuel economy it was supposed to, it's just really down on power. I'll be chopping out the 14 year old cat which is probably clogged to hell, especially after getting a TON of unburnt gas thrown at it when I had to drive to an adjacent town on 5 cylinders (oops) to get a coil replaced, so I'll see what that does.


I know 14 years and 220,000 miles is a lot, but for an engine to be suddenly missing 25% of its power seems like a HUGE problem would have to be present. When I get my PCM back and the car is moving under its own power again I'll take the cat off and replace it with a straight pipe until I can get a high-flow cat, and see if that helps but... damn. 50hp. That's sobering.