Guy bought the Mustang for $4150, but after being an hour and a half late. Asked me what I wanted to put for "purchase price" to save on sales tax, I put the full price because fuck him. He made me wait.

Miata's awesome. 1996 with 117k and the leather package, so it has the Torsen. Blast to drive, and it's got a new Robbins top. It's not completely installed though; it's missing the piece that seals the top to the A pillar and the piece that folds the bar down so the glass will fold. This is apparently a weekend job to source and install though.


Did not come with a radio installed, but came with 2 radios in boxes. I don't know either.

Also came with this shop manual, because why not?

And the trunk is damp. I am seriously worried about this one. There's a leak somewhere and it's going to be a bitch to find.

I think I made out okay though, but I've definitely got my next few weekends planned out.